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When selecting a VPN provider, some user pick a VPN provider that works while travelling and yet allow them to have privacy when viewing NETFLIX content in their country of origin. 

Below are list of ExpressVPN server that tested to work with NETFLIX between 27-28 June 2019


Work & able to stream NETFLIX content

Colombia columbia ip
Bahamas usa ip
USA Los Angeles 2
USA San Francisco san jose ip
USA Los Angeles 3
USA Seattle
USA Denver
USA New York
USA Chicago
USA Washington DC
USA Dallas
USA Miami
USA New Jersey 1
USA Washington DC 2
USA New Jersey 3
USA Miami 2
USA Salt Lake City
USA Tampa 1
USA Los Angeles 1
USA Virginia
USA New York 2 Web2Objects LLC
USA Hollywood Web2Objects LLC
USA Dallas 2 Web2Objects LLC Dallas Texas
USA Minneapolis Web2Objects LLC
USA Boston Web2Objects LLC
USA Los Angeles Contina
USA San Jose EGIHosting
USA Atlanta OppoBox LLC
USA Los Angeles 5 Web2Objects LLC
USA Los Angeles 4 Web2Objects LLC
USA San Francisco 2 LogicWeb Inc
Canada Toronto Yesup Ecommerce Solutions
Canada Vancouver eSecureData
Canada Montreal LogicWeb Inc "Snowden works here"
Egypt Falco Networks
Algeria Falco Networks
Hong Kong 4 Falco Networks
India Mumbai 1 Web Werks India Pvt.
Japan Tokyo 1 Packet Host
Japan Tokyo 2 Falco Networks
Australia Melbourne Web2Objects LLC
Australia Sydney ServersAustralia
Australia Sydney 3 Legaco Networks B.V.
Australia Perth ServersAustralia
Australia Brisbane OzServers, Hosting Provider
Australia Sydney 2 Web2Objects LLC
South Korea 2 A&F Networks B.V.
South Korea Web2Objects LLC
Pakistan A2b Ip B.v. playing Humsafar


Streaming Error / not able to stream any NETFLIX content

Brazil 2
Costa Rica
Guatemala colombia ip
Peru hk ip
USA New Jersey 2 some show germany ip
USA Kansas City usa ip
USA Phoenix
USA New Jersey 2 PacketHost pia show germany ip ipinfo show new jersey
USA Santa Monica can't connect after > 3 attempt
USA San Francisco via HK Web2Objects LLC
Canada Toronto 2 A&F Networks B.V. can't even show any netflix show
South Africa Psychz Networks
Israel HQserv
Kenya Angani
Singapore Jurong Web2Objects LLC
Singapore CBD root S.A.
Singapore Marina Bay Web2Objects LLC
Hong Kong 1 can't connnect at all after > 3 attempt
Hong Kong 2 Web2Objects LLC
Hong Kong 3 Rackspace IT Hosting
Hong Kong 5 can't connnect at all after > 3 attempt
Hong Kong 6 can't connnect at all after > 3 attempt
India (via UK) Univera Network City: Pune
India Chennai Web2Objects LLC
Japan Tokyo 3 Web2Objects LLC
Philippines (via Singapore) Web2Objects LLC
Malaysia Exa Bytes Network Sdn.Bhd.
Sri Langka A2b Ip B.v.
Kazakhstan A2b Ip B.v.
Thailand TOT
Indonesia LogicWeb Inc
New Zealand ServersAustralia
Taiwan 3 HiNet
Taiwan via HK can't connnect at all after > 3 attempt
Taiwan via HK 2 Web2Objects LLC
Vietnam A2b Ip B.v.
Macau A2b Ip B.v.
Cambodia A2b Ip B.v.
Mongolia A2b Ip B.v.
Laos A2b Ip B.v.
Myanmar A2b Ip B.v.
Nepal A2b Ip B.v.
Kyrgyzstan Optima Telecom Ltd.
Bangladesh A2b Ip B.v.
Bhutan A2b Ip B.v.
Brunei A2b Ip B.v.