This page show a live or replays collections of Clash of Clans Town Hall 8 bases that were 3 stars using Dragon+Balloon Strategy. 


This videos will show you how to 3 star town hall 8 easily


1)  Find out which directions the air sweeper is blasting the air

2)  Your dragons should attack from the back of the air sweeper.  


3) Use an earthquake plus two lighting spell to take out one of the air defence that are hard to reach by your dragons or balloons.  


4)  Start deploy several dragons to take out side of the base so that your core dragons group will not skew to the side  


5)  When your core dragon armies are approaching the remaining air defence, deploy the balloons to take out that air defence with the help of rage spell.  


6) Release barbarian king to help distract archer tower 


7) Sit back and watch your dragons or balloons get you three stars.