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Many existing Android user who switched their first few clash of clans account to use Supercell ID and subsequently regreted are complaining that switching back and forth to majority of others Google Play account sign in are very troublesome.  


Note: Using Google Play without Supercell ID option allows player to switch back to Google Play using the same clash of clans apps.  If player doesn't want to switch majority of their remaining Google Play account to Supercell ID, the only way for them to launch the few clash of clans accounts that were link to Suprecell ID require them to clear data on the clash of clans apps, login and verify using the link email address all over again.


To allow faster and seemless launching of majority of Google Play account and a few Supercell ID accounts, follow the steps below:-


1) You need to download/clone Clash of Clans from within GSpace, Parallel Space or Super Clone.  (There could be many more but I didn't test).  GSpace can be found in Huawei App Gallery while Paralle Space and Super Clone are available in Play Store.


2) Clone Clash of Clans apps using any of the App that you install in step 1.


3) Open the clone apps and login with your Supercell ID.  You may create shotcut to the app when given the option to do so.


4) Whenever you need to launch Supercell ID clash of clan account, launch it from within the apps that you installed in step 1 or from shotcut that you created when cloning using those app.  Launch the original Clash for Clans account for other Google Play account that you have not sign up with Supercell ID.



NOTE: On initial releases of Supercell ID, Supercell limit up to 20 Supercell ID per clash of clans app.  Currently, it appears there are no longer limit on the number of Supercell ID per app, I had manage to sign in over 100 supercell ID as of update of this post.