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Clan Games Results for last 3 games

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This page explan explains how one player or small clans can complete maximum tier of any clan games. In this example, the Lunar Games that require 75000 score to reach tier 8 to get the book of everything


The strategy is very simple as follows:-


1)  You need to have time to play clan games every day


2)  You need multiple accounts for each player. 

If you are one person clans, you need at least 25 villages. Each has to score maximum of 3000 score to reach 75000 {Lunar Clan Games).

3)  Make full use of small village with builder level 2 that is not fully upgraded.  Leave your cannon easily taken out so that opponent score 100% so you won't gain any trophy.

I have 9 small villages that I use to focus on completing builder challenge that take very little time to complete.


4)  Use some of your idle village to remove challenge that you don’t intend to start, this will free up space for new challenge in clan games.

Note:  Base on my observation on past clan games, challenges seem to reset every morning.  I always see new set of challenages appears although no one take's on any challenge during the night.


This video explains the above. In this example, I had completed the Lunar Games that require 75000 score to reach 8 tier to get the book of everything. {2 players clans}