When SUPERCELL released Town Hall 12 on June 8, 2018, one of the improvement specific to clan games includes a leaderboard which will appears underneath Clan Games results page. This article cover how the leaderboard behave as of the 20th clan games ending June 25, 2018.

1)  The leaderboard will only appear if you remain in the clan where you participate in clan games. It appears underneath the rewards received after you claim clan rewards.


2)  Clan games results page will list leaderboard of participated member who remain in the clans when the result page is shown. Member who has temporally left the clan won’t be listed in the Clan Results page.


3)  The update are real time, meaning if you have member leaving, their name and score won’t appears the next time you view the results page.


4)  If there are people who joined your clan and completed only 1 challenge and exit and never come back, you won’t be able to see their name and score listed here.


5)  Without the clan games chest, you will not be able to load the results page. As of posting of the video, the chest will disappear after you close and reload clash of clans.


6)  When clan games chest are present with count down time indicating next clan games, you will not be able to load the results page. For 21st clan games, you won't be able to reload back to the results page as soon as you close it since the clan games chest will prompt the 22nd clan games to start in 6d 23h. (added on July 9, 2018)


The video below demonstrates how clan games leader board results page works