$120 Cash Back promotion runs until 31 December 2018.

This page summaries how the Cash Back Promotion works.  You should read the term and condition which can be found at the foot note of Citibank online application form at the time of submitting your application as the term might change after the publish of this article.

Eligible Cardmember

  • If you are NOT an existing Citibank card holder in the past 12 months and currently don't have any pending card application.  
  • Not US citizen, US resident or green card holder
  • Not an employee of Citibank and its affiliates


Qualifying Criteria's

  • Applies for one (1) main Eligible Card within the Promotion Period via Citibank online application form.
  • You must spend at least $200 per month of "Qualifying Spend" for 6 consercutive months after receiving your new Citibank card.  
  • The application for the Eligible Card(s) must be approved within 30 days from the date of application.  You can pick any of 6 Eligible Card from the online form.


How you receive the $120 Cash Back

  • If you satisfies the Qualifying Spend ($200 and above) criteria in the 1st calendar month of the Qualifying Spend Period, you will receive welcome offer of $20 cash back by the end of the 2nd calendar month of the Qualifying Spend Period.
  • If you spend less than $200 of qualifying spend in 2nd month, you will not entitle to $20 of welcome offer in 3rd calendar month.  However, you can still receive welome offer of $20 in 4th calendar month if you satisfied the qualifying spend in the 3rd calendar month.
  • To get the maximum $120 cash back from this promotion.  You need to meet qualifying spend for 6 consecutive calendar month immediately after receiving your new Citibank card.
  • The cash back credited under this Promotion cannot be used to offset against any minimum payment due and cannot be withdrawn from the Citi Credit Card account in cash.


"Qualifying Spend" refers to any retail transactions (including internet purchases) which do not arise from

(i) any Equal Payment Plan (EPP) purchases,

(ii) refunded/ disputed/ unauthorised/ fraudulent retail purchases,

(iii) Quick Cash/Ready Credit PayLite and other instalment loans,

(iv) Paywise/ cash advance/ quasi-cash transactions/ balance transfers/ annual card membership fees/interest/goods and services taxes,

(v) bill payments made using the Eligible Card as a source of funds,

(vi) late payment fees and

(vii) any other form of service/ miscellaneous fees.

Is Shuga Rewards REAL??

The short answer is YES but only for Singapore base users.  Read on the find out more and remember to use my REFER A FRIEND link to sign up.  A little token for my effort in updating information below.


How to navigate within Shuga Rewards Apps